After School care/Fritids

Fritids (After School Care) in Bodens Kommun

In Bodens kommun, "Fritids" refers to the after school care services provided for children whose parents are working or studying. These services are designed to offer a safe and engaging environment for children outside of regular school hours.

Who Can Attend Fritids?

Fritids is available for children from PYP K/preschool class up to and including PYP 5. The aim is to support the development and learning of each child through a variety of activities that complement the school curriculum.

Activities and Environment

The after school care provide a range of activities that promote creativity, physical activity, and social interaction. Children can participate in arts and crafts, sports, outdoor play, and other recreational activities. The facilities are designed to be welcoming and safe, ensuring that children can relax and enjoy their time after school.

Hours and Accessibility

Fritids operates on weekdays, generally from early in the morning before school starts until late afternoon, catering to the needs of working and studying parents. Specific hours may vary between different schools and care centers.

Staff and Support

The staff at Fritids are trained educators who focus on creating a supportive and stimulating environment for the children. They work closely with parents to ensure that each child’s needs are met, fostering a collaborative approach to childcare and education.

Enrollment and Fees

Parents interested in enrolling their children in Fritids can apply through the Bodens kommun website or contact the PYP coordinator. There is a fee for the service, which is based on a sliding scale depending on family income and the number of children enrolled in the program. As of 2024, the highest fee for after school care (Fritids) in Bodens kommun is 1,208 SEK per month. This fee applies to the first child in the family.

Senast uppdaterad: 2024-05-24